Mbesa Mission Hospital

A rural hospital in Southern Tanzania


coins_enThe expenditure in 2017/18 comprised of 1.03 bil. TSH (~412.000€). 617 mil. TSH of this amount are expenditures for labour costs, exclusive of the costs for the salaries of the German staff members which are funded by private donors.

The countrywide rise of prices and salaries results in a marked increase of financial need (+120% since 2009).
Patient fees and health insurance payments covered about 40% of all expenditures, the Tanzanian government covered 14% of the costs (mainly salaries for the trained staff members).
45% of the expenditure was met by donations from German donors, who give through our German partner Forum Wiedenest.

Unfortunately the percentage of governmental support was reduced from former 40% to only 14% nowadays. This is resulting in an increased dependency on donations from overseas.