Mbesa Mission Hospital

A bush hospital in southern Tanzania


Der barmherzige Samariter, Gemaelde am Eingang des Hospitals

Within a chain of christian ministries, Mbesa Mission Hospital seeks to witness Christ's healing love to all people in the southern part of Tanzania in word and deed. MMH is striving to serve people in its surrounding communities with trustworthy, sustainable and reliable Christian Medical services, accompanied by spiritual ministries. These ministries are integrated as an expression of the conviction of health in comprising all the physical, psychological and spiritual well being of a person.

Respect for the human dignity is the basis of all health provisions and no distinctions of ethnic origin, social status, religion or political affiliations are made. The hospital authorities promote special access to health care for the less privileged and vulnerable social groups: women, children, the financially destitute and the chronically ill.

At the entrance of MMH is a painting of the good Samaritan. This story told by Jesus Christ challenges us to love our neighbour, across ethnic and religious differences without the desire for personal gain. The role model of the good Samaritan is a challenge and inspiration to us. In devotion to others we want to stand with those in need, a concept which is foreign to the local population.